Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Mushroom Cigar Box Guitar

I've been working on a new track that I hope to finish soon that I'm really excited about. In the mean time, I thought I'd do a little shop talk and feature a few of the guitars I'm using for this project.

First up is a guitar that I am really fond of, but haven't actually used to record with. Just when I thought I had all of the guitars I ever would want, I happened upon Bruce Gootner's Cigar Box Guitar tent at one of my most favorite places on earth, Wanee Music Festival. I wasn't familiar with cigar box guitars at all, but was immediately enamored with these simple instruments that lend themselves perfectly to slide - like a lap steel or Hawaiian guitar. This one is 3 strings with a single pick-up that plugs into a 2-watt humidor amp, which I thought was pretty cool. Not only does it sound pretty cool acoustic or electric, the mushroom makes it a great keepsake from Wanee Fest. I hope to bring it back there next year to pick at near the camp fire between sets.

Now that I have one, I've since stumbled upon Daddy Mojo Cigar Box Guitars, which are of a whole other caliber (and price range). That resonator looks and sounds amazing.

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